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Roshani Champika
Roshani Champika

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Ishq Ke Parindey: A Film Review

Ishq Ke Parindey is a 2015 Hindi-language film starring Rishi Verma and Priyanka Mehta as Faiz and Sheen, two lovers who belong to different sides of the Indo-Pak border. The film is directed by Shakir Khan, who has been an associate director under Subhash Ghai on films like Pardes, Taal and Yaadein. The film's music is composed by Vijay Vermaa, Rashid Khan and Sajjad Ali, and features singers like KK, Sonu Nigam, Javed Ali and Palak Muchhal.

The film's plot revolves around Sheen, an innocent and beautiful Pakistani girl who arrives in Lucknow along with her family. There she meets Faiz, a charming and passionate Indian boy who falls in love with her at first sight. However, their love faces many obstacles as they belong to different religions and countries. Their families are also opposed to their relationship and try to separate them by any means. The film also depicts the violence and hatred that exists between the two nations, and how it affects the lives of ordinary people. The film's message is that love can transcend all borders and barriers, and that peace is possible if people respect each other's differences.


The film's strength lies in its performances, especially by the lead pair who share a good chemistry on screen. Rishi Verma as Faiz portrays a romantic hero who is willing to sacrifice everything for his love. Priyanka Mehta as Sheen delivers a convincing performance as a naive and innocent girl who is torn between her family and her lover. The supporting cast also does a decent job, especially Manjul Azad as Kadir Bhai, Faiz's mentor and friend who helps him in his quest for love. The film's cinematography by Najeeb Khan is also impressive, as he captures the beauty and culture of Lucknow in a realistic manner.

The film's weakness lies in its script, which is predictable and cliched at times. The film also suffers from some editing issues, as it drags on for too long in some scenes. The film's climax is also disappointing, as it ends on a tragic note that seems forced and unrealistic. The film could have been more impactful if it had shown a positive outcome for the lovers, or at least left some hope for their future. The film also fails to explore the political and social aspects of the Indo-Pak conflict in depth, and instead focuses more on the melodrama and romance.

Overall, Ishq Ke Parindey is a film that tries to convey a noble message of peace and love through a simple love story. It has some good moments of romance, music and drama, but also some flaws that prevent it from being a memorable film. It is a film that can be watched once for its sincere attempt to bridge the gap between two nations through the power of love.




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