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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

Despacito X Shape Of You - Pentatonix (full PATCHED Sheet Music W)

According to Sheeran, Steve Mac started the songwriting session by playing the opening notes of the song on the keyboard. Sheeran then joined in, adding percussion by tapping on the guitar, layering it onto the track. On the writing of the song, he said that he tried to keep the music "more stripped" instead of something more elaborate: "I'm an acoustic artist, first and foremost. And when I play live, I can't replicate these things, I haven't got all the other musicians." Sheeran said he wanted an R&B feel to the song, therefore he adjusted the original tune, adding an interpolation of "No Scrubs" onto part of the melody. He also revealed that the original lyrics did not end with the words "the shape of you" in the chorus, but during the writing of the song, McDaid thought that the lyrics "I'm in love with your body" sounded objectifying, and the lyrics was therefore adjusted.[12][10] In a March 2023 interview with Rolling Stone, Sheeran revealed that he had attempted to get a Jay-Z guest verse; however, the American rapper declined, stating that he "doesn't think the song needs a rap verse".[13]

Despacito x Shape of You - Pentatonix (Full Sheet Music w)

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