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What To Buy A Nurse For Graduation

After testing, the Good Housekeeping Institute named these socks the best compression socks overall. A product tester raved at how they left her legs "feeling strong and energetic even after being on her feet all day." They have sweat-wicking fabric and come in various colors and materials, so your favorite nurse can feel more comfortable during long shifts.

what to buy a nurse for graduation

This TikTok-approved bag was finally restocked after its long hiatus. The Good Housekeeping Institute ranked it the best overall active fanny pack for its extendable strap, water-resistant fabric and interior space for holding a phone, keys and a wallet. If your nurse enjoys outdoor activities, like hiking or park runs, this bag is for them.

These slippers are one of Amazon's best-sellers for good reason: They're visibly soft, have an anti-slip design and feature cushioned bottoms that make them comfortable for everyday at-home wear. So after your nurse's shift, they can slip these on to ease any foot pain or discomfort from standing all day.

The Good Housekeeping Institute labeled these pillowcases one of the best for its comfort level and ability to keep customers cool at night. In other words, the nurse in your life would be grateful to make it a part of their bedroom setup.

Help your favorite nurse relax with these slippers that contain lavender and can be heated up. One reviewer shared, "This is a gift that maybe you wouldn't think of buying for yourself. It's fun to give these slippers to let your friends and family indulge themselves a little. Perfect!"

After a particularly long shift, they'll be so grateful to have the option of delivery thanks to this practical gift. This is also a great gift if you can't make it to their graduation in person, since it can be delivered via email.

All of us could stand to sanitize our phones regularly, but it's especially true for nurses who will be spending all day in a hospital or doctor's office surrounded by sick people. In addition to sanitizing, this device can also charge their phones.

These sticky notes couldn't be more perfect for a nursing graduate. "My niece is following in the family business of being a nurse," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "She had her ceremony to start her nursing school so I sent her these as a gift to use for notes and stuff during her classes and clinical. She loved them more than any of the other gifts I sent to her in the package."

This personalized tumbler will keep their drinks hot or cold for hours. "I gave this gift to my daughter who is a nurse [and] her exact words were, 'Mommy I love my cup,'" wrote one Amazon reviewer. "One of the best gifts as she starts her new job."

Littman stethoscopes have been the trusted brand by healthcare professionals including nurses, doctors, and students since the 1960s. With its wide range of acoustics and options, Littman offers something for every nurse and this one is a great option for a new nurse.But remember, nurses are pretty specific about the tools that they like to use, so be sure to ask your nurse which type is preferred, or give a gift card to purchase a specific stethoscope.

Nurses have to remember countless medications, information, and tasks on a daily basis. Sometimes they need a quick reference guide during a challenging situation. These ID badge card sets are perfect for new nurses and seasoned nurses alike. They fit nicely with their badge and can be accessed quickly!

Cell phones are 10x dirtier than toilet seats! Working in healthcare, nurses are constantly exposed to different types of germs. Help your favorite male nurse out by getting them this portable phone sanitizer - equipped with a charger. The UV light sterilizer kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs. It also allows for charging through a universal USB port and acts as an aromatherapy diffuser.

Hooding for all doctoral (DNP and PhD) students occurs during graduation. To prepare, all doctoral students should watch this "How to Wear a Doctoral Hood" video (do not pin your cap, as you will remove it for hooding). DNP students receive their hood with their regalia. Hoods are provided to PhD students at UMB Commencement or the Graduate Hooding Ceremony.

To be certified as having completed all graduation requirements and to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) exam, BSN and CNL students are required to complete an NCLEX review provided by the School. The three-part review is offered at both the Baltimore and Universities at Shady Grove locations and consists of:

We recommend all students plan for the NCLEX review to be held sometime between the week before, of, or immediately after graduation. Current NCLEX review dates are available on the Academic Calendar.

There are plenty of options. You could go with the old standby of a gift card or cash tucked inside a graduation card. Or you can find tons of cute nurse mugs, funny and quotable t-shirts, or handy nurse gear.

In fact, the number of men who graduate with a nursing degree has more than quadrupled over the past 50 years. According to a national analysis, men now account for 12.3% of all registered nurses. A significant increase from just 2.7% in 1970!

From notes to patient paperwork and other important documents, those in the nursing profession often have a clipboard in hand all throughout the day. A clipboard may not be the first graduation gift idea that comes to mind, but this is no ordinary clipboard.

Whether nurses like it or not, hospitals require staff to have ID badges clearly displayed at all times. To deal with this rule, nurses often have fun expressing themselves by accessorizing with different badge reels.

This map can be designed for any college or university campus in any city or town. There are a wide selection of colors, plus you can add his graduation date and a heart or star in a favorite location.

Lifting patients and being on your feet all day is an ongoing recipe for aches and pains. Massages are wonderful for relaxing sore muscles, however, getting one requires making an appointment and setting aside the time. Between long hours, ever changing schedules, and stressful workdays, nurses often struggle to prioritize their own self-care.

So that wraps up this post with the best graduation gifts for male nurses in 2022. I hope this list of ideas helped you pick out the perfect gift to celebrate the graduating male nursing students in your life.

While there are budget models available, they are more appropriate for nurses who are still learning their craft. Every time they use it, they will think of the person who was kind enough to gift it to them. Some of our favorite brands for stethoscopes are:

Like a good pair of supportive shoes, socks can save a nurse from aches and pains after a long shift. Compression socks are a great gift for nurses who spend a lot of time on their feet or who have worked in the profession for many years and could use the extra reinforcement.

A stethoscope, scissors, permanent markers and pens, hand sanitizer, and alcohol wipes are just a few of the essentials nurses carry with them throughout their shifts. Nursing bags are a helpful way to keep all those tools organized at the ready.

Offering someone an experience outside of work can be a great way to give a nurse a much-needed break and an excuse to get out! Here are some suggestions for activities that you can gift with the convenience of a gift card, so they can figure out the perfect time to fit it into their busy schedules.

Most people struggle to find the energy to cook a meal after a long day of work. This is especially true for nurses, who can also work long shifts at odd hours. A great relief to them can be meal delivery services that deliver groceries and even meals on a regular basis. Here are some of the most popular meal delivery services:

This lunch bag is a great way to keep packed lunches warm and fresh throughout the day. This is a perfect gift for a nurse since their lunch breaks can sometimes be on the fly; their food will always be warm and ready with this lunch box.

One thing nurses always mention they want is a spa day! A great way to give them one on their own time is through a gift card or certificate for a pre-paid one. This also can work for mani-peds, facials, and other services they may enjoy. Groupon is a great place to check for specials on these things.

Candles make a great gift for nurses. Candles are widely used as a way to relax after a long day at work, especially an aromatherapy candle. Aromatherapy candles have scents typically used for relaxation, which are usually lavender, eucalyptus, and chamomile.

After a long day of being on their feet and running from patient to patient, every nurse deserves some relief for their feet. Foot massagers can improve circulation, stimulate muscles, and reduces tension.

Why wait for a holiday, birthday or other celebration to give your favorite nurse a gift? There is never a wrong time to give a gift to let someone know you appreciate them. Nurses work hard. They are the unsung heroes of the healthcare profession, working long hours to ensure their patients receive quality care.

Gone are the days where students graduating with nursing degrees are pigeonholed into wearing scrubs and working their entire careers in a hospital setting. Editor's Note: This article was originally published with 2017 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and has been updated with 2021 data.There's no arguing that technology has been the catalyst to the developmental boom of numerous industries, but few have evolved at the pace that medicine and patient care have. As a result, the availability of job opportunities in nursing now expands far beyond hospital walls, opening up new nursing career options for both recent graduates as well as experienced nurses seeking a new challenge.

In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the employment of nurses to increase 9% by 2030, creating 276,800 additional nursing jobs. With job opportunities in nursing on the rise, aspiring and established nurses alike are left wondering the same questions: What are the best nursing jobs? What should I be looking at as far as nursing salaries? What are the best nursing jobs for moms? How about nursing jobs for men? 041b061a72




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