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Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks

Web Acappella Professional V.3.0.148

I enjoyed visiting the church and staying at Acappella, but the reason I gave this 4 stars was because I was with a group of people who had been homeless for 2 years, and were given a safe place for at least a few days.

Web Acappella Professional V.3.0.148

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Our studios are available to rent 24/7, all year-round. Get in contact with the studio manager at any time of the day to check availability, secure a time and get the acappella experience the very best way possible. We are available to rent for all occasions including New Years Eve, weddings and the occasional party. Are you planning a big family reunion or a corporate event? We can work to have the perfect acappella experience for your needs, catering for up to 20 people. Alternatively, are you looking for a fun voiceover project to record a commercial? Our soft voiceover mixdown tools make perfecting that perfect voice an easy task!

As a membership community, you will be part of Acappella, an apartment club community with unique relationships and a rich history, founded on the aspiration to provide the means to live well, to work well, to play well, to know well, to be well, to experience life to the fullest. Membership is free to join and is strictly on a full-time basis. The fee covers all utilities, maintenance, and WiFi; with you providing your personal furnishings. Members get access to community events, parties, and programming.

For a full listing of rooms, venues, and amenities please visit the main website . Please keep in mind that all our studios are large studios capable of handling an entire band or choir if requested. Acappella is of a size to host events with a total maximum capacity of up to 40 people.




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