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Parker Garcia

First Kill _BEST_

Wall Street broker Will Beeman (Hayden Christensen) has been struggling with being present for his wife Laura (Megan Leonard) and son Danny (Ty Shelton). Shortly after hearing of Danny being bullied at school, Will decides to take his family to his hometown, Granville, Ohio to bond with Danny. Upon entering Granville, Will is reacquainted with Police Chief Marvin Howell (Bruce Willis), a family friend who knew Will's father and at one point dated his aunt, Dottie (Deb G. Girdler). Howell advises Will on taking precaution after informing him of a recent bank robbery where a couple of million dollars was stolen. While teaching Danny how to hunt with a rifle, Will and Danny witness a heated exchange between two men, one of them holding the other at gunpoint, inquiring after money drop-off not going according to plan. The unarmed man (Gethin Anthony) is shot in the shoulder after throwing a key near Will's position at a shooting station; Danny's shocked gasp at the shooting attracts the gunman's attention. The gunman opens fire on Will's location, prompting Will, fearing for his son's safety, to shoot him with his hunting rifle in self-defense. Upon inspecting the dead gunman, he's surprised to discover a concealed badge and that the gunman was a police officer who failed to identify himself. Distraught, Will brings the wounded man to the family cabin for Laura, a surgeon, to provide first aid and hopefully save the only other witness to the proceedings.

First Kill

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Juliette and her family are Legacy vampires, which means they were born not made, pure-bloods. Unlike made vampires, Legacies cannot be killed with wooden stakes to the heart, but they are weak to pure silver. They are also able to walk in the sun, and can eat human food, even if it does not nourish them. Legacies can basically appear human. On top of being effectively unkillable, their blood is paralyzing, their bite fades, and it can create a psychic connection between the vampire and their victim. They can also create other vampires.

We get brief glimpses at other creatures, including some that can appear to be human, which offers a lot of opportunity for cool fights and interesting kills. At some point, everyone knew about monsters, but the Guild are good at what they do and people have largely forgotten. Monsters were in Savannah recently enough though that folks remember when they were rampant in the city.

A Legacy vampire is a type of vampire that is born, not made. They are descendants of the first vampire Lilith and as such, are born with a vampiric gene. The Legacy must complete a ceremonial first kill when they come of age, which both completes their transition into a vampire and marks their induction into their society. All Legacies can walk in the sunlight which helps them interact normally with humans. They are considered an elite form of monsters as they blend in perfectly with human society and can't be killed by traditional means. They can also make other vampires, from their bite.

Before the days of recorded history, Lilith and her sister Eve frolicked in the Garden of Eden, where they admired a beautiful peach tree ripe with fruit. An emerald serpent slithered down from the top branch. Eve, frightened, begged the serpent not to bite her, while Lilith embraced the bite. God, disappointed by Eve's cowardice, made her a human. The Queen Snake, known as the Emerald Malkia, bit Lilith and made her into the first vampire. Those descended from Lilith's bloodline were granted special abilities and strengths. They transformed humans into vampires, though the made were notably less powerful then the Legacies. They were not bound to the darkness, affected by wooden weapons, or limited by other weaknesses. The role of guarding the Emerald Malkia was passed through a specific bloodline, given to the matriarch of the family to protect and use.

In the beginning was the garden and in the garden were two sisters born from soil, raised by the sun and the moon. For a time, they lived and grew, and knew nothing of the world beyond the garden walls. One night they lay beneath the tree of life, and when thy woke, there were visted by the Emerald Malkia, first of all beasts, blessed by the tree of life forever. This was the serpent, and the fruit, for it offered them knowledge and power both, and in exchange, asked for only a drop of their blood. Eve was a coward and she [..] the Malkia's offer, for her sister [..] shied from nothing. And [..] Lilith embraced it [..] the Emerald Malkia [.] as it had been [..] never.[1]

Around 1621, a monster hunter from the Guardian Guild fought a Legacy vampire and lived to tell the tale. He used a silver spear that allegedly killed the creature. He broke the spear into six individual silver-tipped spears for maximum usage. The Guild protected the spears in case another Legacy crossed paths with a hunter.[1]

Legacies must complete their vampiric transformation through a rite of passage - their first kill - after they turn 16. The act of draining all the blood from a human prey makes them the the strongest versions of themselves, where are no longer ruled solely by hunger or weakened by symptoms. After their first kill, a Legacy must later be bitten by the Malkia to complete their ceremonial induction into vampire society.

Failure to make this first kill results in uncontrollable thirst, crying tears of blood, shakes, migraines, sweating, burning of the throat, sensitivity to noise, and an inability to focus. Juliette kept her symptoms at bay with blood capsules that her mother provided, though the symptoms grew too strong for the "medication" to handle. She tried to postpone her first kill out of morality, but was warned by Elinor that her denial would only make her lose complete control and kill anything nearby. Juliette attempted to complete her first kill on Calliope Burns, though accidental, as she lost control during a make out session, which caused her vision to tint red.

The induction happens through a consecration ceremony and cotillion, hosted on the first full moon following the kill. The Legacy is presented into society by their caretakers for the first time. During the ceremony, the Keeper of the Emerald Malkia will present the Queen Snake to the prospective Legacy. The Malkia then accepts the vampire by slithering onto their arm, biting them, and triggering release of the ceremonial Eve. All in attendance hunt the human, enjoying the kill together. Alternatively, the Malkia can reject the Legacy bringing shame to the prospect and their family. A rejection typically happens if the Legacy has lied about making their first kill. Moreover, because of the matriarchal ways of their species, male Legacies are exempt from the ceremony.

Until she meets new girl Calliope, who is also due to make her own first kill after botching her initial attempt and watching her brothers, Theo (Phillip Mullings Jr.) and Apollo (Dominic Goodman), rack up laundry lists of victims. Pressured by her parents, Talia (Aubin Wise) and Jack (Jason Robert Moore), Cal decides that Jules will be her first just as Jules is deciding that Cal will be hers. And thus, we have our setup.

There are many things that can be taken away from these numbers. Mainly the fact that, even though you could watch this film in the comfort of your own home, audiences were willing to see this kill-happy horror story in theaters. Esther is arguably on the Mount Rushmore of modern horror villains and this box office result should at least tell you the high quality of the first film. However, First Kill was also helped by the fact that it has gotten great word-of-mouth. As it stands right now, this delightfully entertaining prequel has been better received and reviewed than the original Orphan.

While Chuck and Jill meet with Jill's family, Casey and Sarah monitor from the van outside. Bernie arrives and is immediately suspicious when Wally tells him Jill is there, whom he knows to have been arrested, and confronts them in private. Chuck offers him the same deal as Jill: help him locate Stephen and in return they'll offer him witness protection. Bernie instead attempts to kill them, and they flee through the house. Sarah and Casey, masquerading as Chuck's cousin and her boyfriend, respectively, arrive to back them up. Before they can reach Chuck, Bernie suffers a fatal heart attack and collapses. They then remove him from the scene, pretending he's still alive.

Afterwards, back at Castle, Beckman is furious that not only did they fail to rescue Stephen, but Jill is now on the loose. Casey wryly suggests putting Chuck in a bunker, and though he wasn't serious Beckman agrees, and orders Sarah to tell Chuck they intercepted his father and brought him to Castle. Casey will then tranquilize him so he can be shipped back to Washington. Sarah objects to the setup but Beckman is tired of the potential liability of Chuck running around on his own and orders her to proceed. Sarah tells off Casey about how he didn't say anything but goes to the Buy More to carry out her orders. At first, she tells Chuck the story given to her by Beckman, but after Chuck thanks her for always being there for him she warns him of the deception. He ditches his watch and the two flee.

In its first three days on Netflix globally, the show picked up 30.34 million hours placing it number 7 for that week. It was up against stiff competition in that first week competing with Surviving Summer (also hoping to get a second season) and Stranger Things dominating both headlines and viewership.

We can't wait to sink our teeth into this one! Netflix's new teen vampire romance First Kill stars Sarah Catherine Hook as Juliette, a teen vampire who's set to make her first kill so that she can take her place among her powerful vampire family (Elizabeth Mitchell, Gracie Dzienny, Will Swenson, Dylan McNamara). She decides to set her sights on a new girl in town named Calliope (Imani Lewis) who turns out to be a vampire hunter from a family of celebrated slayers. 041b061a72




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