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Jack Brooks

Download Facebook 10 for Windows: The Best Way to Stay Connected

SHEIN was the most-downloaded shopping app globally with 229 million installs, while Wish, which has been on the top downloads list since 2017, dropped entirely off. In the U.S., however, SHEIN took second place with 40 million installs as Amazon took first with 47 million app downloads. A new entrant from a Chinese company, Pinduoduo, actually made the U.S. list at number eight, with 16.5 million installs, after being available for less than half a year.

Facebook emailed me a link to download my data. The process took about 10 minutes. (The downloading time depends on how much data you've generated.) The data is segmented into groups: like ads, contact info, events, messages, timeline, and more.

download facebook 10


This post teaches you how to download Facebook app for Windows 10/11 PC, Android, or iOS. Get Facebook app to easily communicate with friends/family and share your thoughts with others. For more computer tips and solutions, you can visit MiniTool Software official website.

Facebook also offers an Android version and you can easily get the Facebook app installed on your Android phone or tablet. Just go to Google Play Store, search for Facebook, download and install Facebook on Android with ease.

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Facebook app lets you stay connected with your friends and interests more easily. It also lets you easily share photos directly from your Android or iPhone camera. You can also keep up with the latest news and current events around the world on Facebook. You can follow the guide in this post to download Facebook for Windows 10/11, Android, or iPhone/iPad now.

Downloading videos from Facebook is not difficult. All you need is a free and safe Facebook video downloader for PC to get the job done. And in this guide, we will show you a dedicated Facebook video downloader program, an online video downloader, and a video download extension for Chrome.

If you're looking for a Facebook video downloader that is safe and clean without ads or plugins, this video downloader for PC and Mac- EaseUS Video Downloader is exactly what you need. EaseUS Video Downloader makes video download fairly simple. All you need is to copy your video's URL, paste it into this program, and then click "Download."

Other than Facebook, this powerful video downloader also allows you to download videos from websites like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Tumblr, Twitch, and more. Besides, it works perfectly with both Windows and macOS systems. Therefore, you can also use it to download YouTube videos on Mac, if needed.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this guide is for personal fair use. EaseUS is in no way collaborated or affiliated with Facebook and will never approve any copyright infringement action. The use of the downloaded information is solely at your own risk.

With these functions, you can download music from SoundCloud, download Twitch clips, or download 4K YouTube videos to MP3. If you need to download the online audio to your Windows computer, it is also a good choice for you.

Apart from the desktop Facebook downloader for PC from EaseUS, there are many other FB video downloader tools available for you to download a video for free. Here I'd like to show you how an online Facebook video downloader or FB video downloader extension works.

With an online video downloader, you don't need to download and install the Facebook downloader and you are able to save a Facebook video via a browser like Google Chrome. It's really easy and convenient for you to get an online video in different formats and qualities.

Step 3. Click the "Download" button and then you will see all the download options, like "Download in HD Quality" and "Download in Normal Quality". Besides, you can choose to convert the video to audio by clicking "Convert to MP3".

The last common way to save online videos is to use a Facebook downloader extension. By adding an FB video downloader extension to your browser, you can save a video you like to your computer even without copying the video URL.

Now you know how can you download a Facebook video to your computer or mobile device via a few simple clicks. Whether you want to download a video in HD quality in MP4 or another format, you can get it done easily with one of the tools above.

For text and photos, you can easily download them to your device by copy-and-paste or press-and-hold. However, that's not the case speaking of videos. Like many other social networks, Facebook doesn't provide an official way for you to download videos from Facebook.

Facebook Messenger (officially known as just "Messenger") is an excellent app for instant messaging, sharing images, videos, audio clips, and group chats. Initially, the app was only available for Android and iOS, but now it can be used on Windows as well by downloading it from the Microsoft Store. However, sometimes you may run into issues with the app working on Windows PC.

Freeware programs can be downloaded used free of charge and without any time limitations. Freeware products can be used free of charge for both personal and professional (commercial use).

This license is commonly used for video games and it allows users to download and play the game for free. Basically, a product is offered Free to Play (Freemium) and the user can decide if he wants to pay the money (Premium) for additional features, services, virtual or physical goods that expand the functionality of the game. In some cases, ads may be show to the users.

This software is no longer available for the download. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for other reasons.

Before you learn how to save a video from Facebook, you should know some crucial tips. These essential tips will help you choose the best site or Facebook downloader that offers everything you need to download high-quality videos from Facebook.

When you have multiple videos to download, waiting for one video to complete can be frustrating before starting the next one. Therefore, choosing a downloader with a built-in feature to download several videos simultaneously is advisable.

The video downloader you choose should give you multiple resolutions to choose from. You should be able to choose between low, medium, and high-quality videos. The best tools let you choose between different display resolutions, such as 360p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K.

One of the best ways to download Facebook videos is to use Auslogics Video Grabber. This program allows you to download and save videos in different formats, whether MP3, MP4, AVI, etc.

If you want to know how to save a video from Facebook, use Video Grabber. Besides Facebook, you can also download from other platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Bing, IMDB, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.

With Video Grabber, you can playback full HD videos (720p or 1080p) from Facebook and other video sites. All that is required of you is to ensure the video you download supports high-definition videos.

Among the most-downloaded apps of the decade, Facebook and its family of apps Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram took the top slots -- despite Facebook's many privacy scandals over the past couple years. Communication and social media apps accounted for seven of the top 10 apps in terms of downloads this decade.

The year 2019 itself has seen the steady rise of social video apps like TikTok and Likee. And many of the most-downloaded apps of the year are also the most-downloaded apps of the decade, App Annie found.

There's so much video content on Facebook that all of us at some point would like to download a video or two. Unfortunately, since Facebook itself doesn't offer that feature except in Facebook Messenger, we need to use specialized software or a download website. Since online (and free) is more convenient, we've curated a list of the 10 best Facebook video download websites, with an overview, usage steps, pros, and cons.

is a well-known and reliable free online Facebook video downloader for PC and Mac users. All it needs is a browser on a connected device and you're good to go. It's also usable on Android devices but for iOS, you'll need to install a file manager first.

GetFVid is another great online FB video downloader that's free to use. As with FBDown, GetFVid also offers a Chrome extension for quick access. There are some subtle differences here: it can rip just the audio track, save to Dropbox, or even let you save it to your smartphone by scanning a QR code. The downside of this is that it doesn't support mobile browsers very well, especially if you're using a lightweight browser.

FBDownloaderis a great tool for downloading both public and private Facebook videos online. The public Facebook video download process is similar to the others we've discussed so far, but the private Facebook video download process is a little different, which is what we've outlined below: was designed especially for iOS devices, which means it works best on the Safari browser on mobile. However, you can also use it on Mac or PC desktops, tablets, and notebooks on other browsers like Chrome. One stand-out feature of this downloader is that it allows you to share directly to multiple social accounts using share buttons in the download page. On the flip side, there's a known error (listed in Cons) that pops up every now and then.

Bigbangram is a very simple and basic Facebook video downloader. It doesn't come with any extra options but it does a great job even with slightly longer videos. It does take a little longer for those but it processes the video file accurately. There are no video quality options, either, which means you're downloading the video as it was on Facebook. It will be the same quality.

As the name suggests, YT1S was originally launched as a YouTube video downloader. Later, the site's developers introduced a special tool for Facebook video downloads. The site has a very clean and professional-looking interface and you'll see that it is not ad-supported like most other free Facebook video online download websites, which makes it quite unique in its class of online services.




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