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Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks

Christopher Cross Discography (1979 2008) [mp3 192 320] [WORK]

This song is from the Back of My Mind album. This could be one of Cross' best ballads. The soft rock and adult contemporary sound is awesome. The lyrics touch the listener. This song was featured in the movie She's So Lovely. This moody ballad is about someone going back to the past to visit an old lover. The music is beautiful and fun. The guitar is soft and melodious throughout the song. Cross does a great job with his vocals. He warms his vocals up with a little laughter at times. The emotions are felt as you listen to the song. Its a great song to listen to. The piano is beautiful and the mood is set for a romantic evening. This song is a great ballad to listen to while you are in a contemplative mood. If you had never heard this song before, you would have a good idea of what it's about.

Christopher Cross Discography (1979 2008) [mp3 192 320]

This song is from the Back of My Mind album. This is the second single released off the album. This is more of a country song, but it has all the romantic touches. Its about a relationship that is strained and it's obvious he or she is leaving. The main guitar parts come in the choruses. It is a pretty song that also serves as a great background music. The song has a playful beat to it. The verses are lighter and have a country feel. The music is relaxing and stress relieving. Cross is a gifted vocalist. The guitar has that country music feel to it. The song serves as another great country ballad. You can dance to this one. The guitar has a slight country twang to it. This country sound is sure to make your day better.

This is the title song for the Back of My Mind album. It's the single edit version. This song is about the painful past and the seemingly happy present. It's about someone who is going back in time to relive some old memories. This song has a country sound to it. Cross does an outstanding job with his vocals. The music is soft and the lyrics are moving. He sings about a painful time in the past that he is going back to live again. The synthesizers have a nice country sound to them. The guitar is very simple and straight forward. The music is relaxing and calming.




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